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"Revitalize the Urban Core."

Legacy Asset Group’s mission is to revitalize and develop properties in the urban core, and to provide quality affordable housing and a pathway to home ownership for those who desire it.

Our firm’s values can be traced to our founders’ decades-long educational, professional, and social history in Kansas City, giving Legacy a vested interest in realizing a thriving community.

Who We Are

Legacy Asset Group, LLC (“LAG”) is a Kansas City based real estate

entity focused on making quality housing accessible to a local population.

The firm’s values can be traced to LAG’s founders’ decades-long educational, economic, and social history in Kansas City gives it a vested interest in realizing a thriving community.

What We Believe

Affordable housing and quality standards of living are not mutually exclusive in Kansas City.

Real estate ownership is central to attaining and bestowing

generational wealth for individuals and families.

Each renovation and development project should be delivered with the highest standards and integrity with a focus on the experience for future residents.

How We Deliver

Find single and multi-unit properties with opportunity for renovation, or land with development potential.

Cultivate partnerships with local organizations in Kansas City to

create a legacy of homeowners and entrepreneurs through partnerships.

Offer learning opportunities to inspire generational wealth and create upward mobility for Kansas City residents.

Coming Soon

Legacy Center

Home to our offices while serving as an urban incubator and meeting place for local think-tanks.

Design & Development

Shared work space allow local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, while our team partner with like minded individuals wanting to meet our urban needs.

Business Services

Onsite business services, such as printing, marketing, business solutions and more give self starters the edge to succeed.